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Jenn de la Vega

Written by Paul Katz


Posted on May 01 2019

 My Sous Vide Story

Jenn de la Vega is editor-at-large of Put A Egg On It and author of Showdown: Comfort Food, Chili & BBQ.
She has appeared on Guy Grocery Games and ChefShock with Justin Warner and 
loves developing recipes and teaching New Yorkers about their seasonal produce. Jenn was also a creator in residence at TASTE and Kickstarter.
Follow Jenn on social: @randwiches

  1. What was your introduction to sous vide cooking? 
    I saw 
    Lisa Q. Fetterman demoing a very early version of Nomiku at Maker Faire. She was sous vide cooking eggs and deep frying the yolks!
  2. My biggest "Fail" has been...
    A bag of lamb that hadn’t quite sealed. What a bummer. The juice got all up in my stick and throughout the cooking water.
  3. My proudest sous vide cooking accomplishment is...
    40+ pounds of Kansas City style ribs for a pop-up, finished on the grill. Wow! That texture!
  4. My favorite food and time/temperature is
    146 Fahrenheit for eggs—immensely crackable over anything.
  5. The number of immersion circulators I’ve owned: 
  6. My current go-to immersion circulator is...
    An Anova.
  7. I’m a fan of cooking using sous vide because...
    I can cook a lot of eggs at once with watching it. I love they you don’t have to vacuum seal them.
  8. The sous vide accessory equipment I can’t live without is...
    The Anova came with a holder that I can tighten onto any size container.
  9. My advice for beginners: 
    Searing on the stove top or broiling in the oven can give your meat that bit of crust that makes it so worth the wait. It’s also okay to prep out things to be cooked sous vide! Buy bulk and make meal bags for another time.
  10. The gear I covet right now is: 
    I really want to try out a Joule or one of those futuristic sous vide machines that holds at a safe temp when it finishes while I am not home.
  11. The website I consult is...
    Modernist Cuisine online has great advice for scaling recipes.
  12. My #1 sous vide tip or trick: 
    Save the meat jus/ marinade for gravy or soup starter. Strain and freeze it for later.