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What is Sous Vide Wear? Most simply: Expressive apparel and accessories for sous vide enthusiasts.

The origins of SVW began in 2011. I had just joined the Silicon Valley start-up, Flipboard, and on my first trip to Palo Alto quickly forged a shared zeal with my new colleagues around food and technology. The talk turned to the best way to cook a steak, and a co-worker asked if I had ever heard of Sous Vide cooking. And with that simple questions, a new world opened.

By the end of that week, I’d gotten a crash-course in the art and science behind the technique. Within a month my kitchen was counter proudly sported my first immersion circulator, Cambro, and a copy of Thomas Keller’s Under Pressure.

I was hooked.

Flash forward a few years: I’d bought nearly a dozen different sous vide machines, prepared countless delicious meals, and had become a defacto Sous Vide evangelist to friends, family, and random strangers. 

Sous Vide Wear emerged from my passion to proudly share through apparel: I love Sous Vide cooking.

Paul Katz, Founder.